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Conducting asbestos surveys will often be our client's first step toward effective asbestos management by identifying any asbestos containing materials located within the affected premises.

Encapsulation is a successful option in dealing with asbestos and involves covering the asbestos with a sealant.

Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM), all piping, elbows, boilers and all mechanical insulation covered with ACM and asbestos are HEPA vacuumed and covered with a canvas fire-rated adhesive sealant (encapsulation). Depending on the application, there are a number of types of sealant.

The sealant's function is to enclose and prevent the asbestos fibres from breaking away from the material. In the case of asbestos pipe insulation, elbows or trees, a canvas with a fire retardant lockdown adhesive lagging is applied to cover and provide a hard-shell coating.

Encapsulation requires periodic inspections, quarterly or annually, to monitor the condition of the Asbestos Containing Materials.

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